About Me

How I Work

Ongoing Retainers

My retainer clients love that they get access to my experience and hard work ethic yet they don’t suffer the overheads of hiring an employee. What’s more, they only pay when they need me, with no long-term contracts like you’d get with an expensive web agency.
We’ll agree how many hours I’ll work for you each month to complete the agreed tasks in order to meet your objectives. If next month I am not required, you don’t pay. If not all my agreed time was used, it rolls over to the next time you need me. A bit like a pay-as-you-go mobile.
How I work


Some of my clients simply need my services for a one-off project such as a new website or onsite SEO (search engine optimisation), Photography/Videography or 360D Virtual Tour for example.
The quote you’ll receive will be based on your requirements and include a breakdown of the core tasks involved, so you can see exactly what I will be doing and where the time will be spent. We’ll also agree timescales, any 3rd-party assets required, and if it’s a new website, feedback and sign-off phases during the project.
How I Work

Working With Me

Because I’m a completely independent freelancer, I will not try to sell you a fancy bespoke website if you don’t need it. I will only ever recommend what is best for your business. My reputation is critical to my success, so I will never lie or over-promise. If your requirements are beyond my ability, I will recommend the best freelance designers/developers or agencies I know, and can even project manage them for you. I will spend time understanding you, your business and your requirements. For jobs that require more of my time I can work within your team at your offices either all the time or occasionally. For everything else I will schedule face-to-face or online meetings with you/your team. I use tools such as Asana, G+Hangouts and Join me to ensure communication is clear and projects run efficiently.

My mission is to help you
succeed in the digital world.